Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stealin' Homework

This was kinda funny the other night. I was sitting down with a child named Steve and he was doing some homework. He only had to write out his spelling words 3 times each. He handed me the sheet after he was done and I said,
"Good Job! Now let's try to spell them." I flipped the page over and saw a different name on the paper. I was a little perplexed because I thought his name was Steve, but the paper had E.J. on it. I asked,
"Is your name E.J.?" He gave me the weirdest look and then saw where I was looking. He coughed a little and then said,
"Ya, that's me."But I knew who E.J. was and this was not E.J. So I continued to ask,
"Is this your homework?" He stuttered a little and said,
"E.J. gave it to me to do for him." I thought,
"This E.J. is a smart kid." Then Steve continued,
"I wanted to come to tutoring and the rule is that we have to bring our homework. I didn't have any homework and I really wanted to come. It is boring at home!"
I fell back in my chair almost dying in laughter.
He took E.J.'s homework to be at church. Wow!