Friday, July 11, 2008


I recently wrote this for our Ohio District Mission page. I thought I'd put it on here also. It is for those who may be interested in going on mission trips.

Be warned! The smells, the foreign diet, and the eerie body odors are not for the faint at heart. But these fade into the background after you experience what I have on mission trips. The senses of your body fade and you find a new sense pulsating from your heart. Your stomach will weaken when a naked boy from southern India skips to be by your side for he knows you carry something special. The odors of Haiti fade when your sweat-drenched hand grasps a 7 year old girl whose body is like an ice cube due to malnourishment, yet her smile proclaims, “God is with us.” It all fades when you land back home and realize you were on a trip that changed your life and possibly another’s.
Be warned! Witnessing the Church burst open into flames on foreign soil changed my life, it may yours!