Thursday, November 29, 2007


I was listening to this song that was probably meant for me. It made me cry for it hit me personally. It has to do with Love, Repentance, and the inability to work through an apology.
For the person singing the song...the apology is too little too late. The person is tired of being hurt. The person struggles with allowing for the hurt to happen again and again. The flame of love was once red hot and now the hurt turns the flame into a dismal coal barely burning.

Why Lord Jesus do you forgive? Is it so that we may hurt you over and over and over? Why did you forgive Peter for being a smuck? You asked him, "Peter, do you love me?" Peter answered, "Yes Lord, You know I love you." Lord, You asked Peter this question 3 times and accepted his answer each time. You not only accepted his answer, but you embraced him and said, "Feed my sheep." It was as if you were saying, "Peter, I know what you did multiple times. That was not love. That was cutting me down. That was selfish...But I know you love me. You are mine and you always will be. The Father has given you to me. I forgive you...I forgive you...I forgive you. Tell others about my love for you."

I don't expect the world to be Christ-like...But wouldn't that be nice. Jesus could have turned around and said,
'It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late"

But he didn't...He changed the lyrics
"Do you know how I love you...I love you
Be my love to rescue...I'll rescue."

I don't expect the world to be Christ-like...But wouldn't that be love?

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