Thursday, February 15, 2007

Under the Weather

I'm Not really "Under the Weather"...but I believe to an extent we all are.
It is interesting that every barbar shop I went to the first words were usually about the weather. "Sure is a hot one today." or " "Close the door...old man winter is tryin' to get in."
Our day to day activities seem to be affected by the weather.
"Should we plan for an outdoors carnival? It might rain."
"Sorry kids, we are not going to Six Flags, it is raining." and the latest one I heard,
"Pastor, you can't come over and visit me. I am snowed in."

Schools out, the pool is open, golf season begins, laid off, catch a cold, overheat, buying an air condition, etc...
It seems as If the weather has a lot to say in anything we do...
I wonder if God works the same way in a person's life?
I think it'd be nice if we had a 5 minute time slot during the evening news for the One who runs all things.

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