Monday, February 26, 2007


I have always assumed Jesus was unstoppable. This is evident throughout the Bible. This coming Sunday I am playing around with Luke 13 and our reality of what unstoppable means. Is it T-Mac going in for a dunk?
Opposite of what the world may think, the unstoppable Jesus is the one who would not be stopped to die. His glory was not slamming a ball through a hoop, or becoming Mr./Mrs. President. His glory is shown through the cross in which the sin, death and the devil were defeated. It is amazing to think that this unstoppable Jesus continues to Work through the Holy Spirit. It is this guy who breaks through all our barriers and roadblocks that we put up to stop the benefits of Christ's love to be delivered to us. Unstoppable grace delivered for You...and yet that Grace accomplished at the Cross must still be delivered to you. Often we stop the gift from being delivered to us. Many "greive the Holy Spirit". It is as if some turn the channel micro-seconds before the smashing dunk is delivered.
At times my job would be a lot easier if the gift was not rejectable...
I thank my Lord that His Word worked into my heart the miracle of repentance and the gift of salvation...
The gift which gives us the DNA of our UNSTOPPABLE Lord. And so we play with the Unstoppable.

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