Friday, May 25, 2007

Mission Excitement

I have often wondered why people get excited about doing missions overseas. I am one who loves to do oversea missions. I am unable to place my finger on the reason why oversea missions is so addicting. Is it the excitement, the fear, the learning curve, seeing things you don't usually see? Is it about letting others know about Christ and eventually through that work they come into beleiving in Jesus as their Savior?
What is it?

I ask the question ultimately because my experience in overseas trips have been both positive and negative. Positive in that others around me become excited about being a part of the Lord's mission and negative in that I am perplexed that it takes $1,500.00 to $5,000.00 spent before we as Christians get excited about doing something missional.
I have recently become perplexed because this overseas experience is in my own backyard. Zion Lutheran Church, East 30th, Cleveland, Ohio.

Recently I went to Haiti and had great experience all to come back to the boring inner city mission at my church. It is a matter of perspective I suppose.
The difference between Haiti and our backyard is nothing. People are Lost.
They are lost in the middle of the Carribean and they are lost in the middle of America.
Maybe mission trips are ultimately about us and who we are after such an experience.

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