Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Prayer for Difficulties in the Family

Almighty God, I need the sanctifying influence of Your presence in our family. I confess that we have not always lived according to Your Word. I am ashamed of my conduct, for I have sinned against my family and against you. Forgive me my transgressions.
I pray You, come into our family even as we are separated. Keep us aware of the perfect example of Your unselfish love and service. Make us eager to follow that example in our life with one another. Help us to be willing to forgive and to forget, even as You have done in Your mercy by forgiving us our sins and washing them away remembering our sin no more. Direct us to live according to Your Word that every experience may serve to draw us closer to each other and both closer to You. Hear my prayer through Jesus Christ. Amen.

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