Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I received this picture from my parents back in Abilene. This is my grandpa. He was the topic of discussion for many in Abilene on September 22nd when he ended up on the front page of the Abilene Reflector.
Gene was not a golfer. He is a farmer, a carpenter, a father and a husband. He is alive. He is close to 80 and has taken up golf; at least indoor putting. He is trying new things even though he has Parkinsons and now is living in a nursing home. He is alive.
Grandpa gives me an image of the area around our church. On the outside everyone is saying how horrible it must be to live in such an environment. The amount of suffering must mean that death is near. To support such a community of crime, drugs, and welfare mothers with our tax monies is insane. Sometimes you even hear from the inside, "Something is not right. How can I live down here. I have to get my babies out of this area. I want to die. I am dying." And yet here is a picture. A picture of struggle and success. A golf putt that goes in the hole. Alive!
Our Lord gives us the Victory. He has sunk the putt of eternal life. This is why we are in the city. We give the guarantee of eternal salvation. Not death...Now that is living.