Sunday, October 29, 2006

Reformation Day

Zion, our church just recently celebrated Reformation Sunday. Zion is known as the mother church of the Cleveland area. Therefore, we invited Lutherans from around the city to come and celebrate this important day in our history. It was a nice celebration where the Lutheran West Alumni Band played historic songs like A Mighty Fortress and Beautiful Savior. We also were blessed to hear the talented Lutheran West Chorale and Singers. These festivals are always nice to do.
The most amazing thing I experienced at this Reformation Service was meeting a guy named William. Will is about 6'2" 220lbs. He came over from the projects when his niece and nephews asked him to come to the special church service. After I met and talked with him I found out he was recently shot in the stomach. He was still bleeding, although he was bandaged. I prayed for him that his wound would be healed fast and that God would work salvation in his life. An interesting Reformation Day in the City.

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