Friday, October 13, 2006

Educating the Lost

Two years ago we began with 5 kids and 5 volunteers. It was our goal to get children reading and excited about school through Christian Centered education materials. Today we have about 25-30 children walking to the church on their own and getting to spend about an hour every Monday and Tuesday with a volunteer. But more importantly getting connected to Christ.
Our ministry is really about giving people Jesus. It is not about creating a program that is looked at in the city as the best as some may think this ministry should be. It is not about getting so good at what we start replacing people in the hood with suburban children with money. No it is about the Lost kids and their parents in our community. Some extra benefits may be raised grades, and growing close to an adult who cares about that child. But in the beginning and the end it is about Christ. My prayer is that what happens in the future is God pleasing and will bring people to Jesus.

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Sarah Hix said...

You've come a long way! I'm praying for all of you :)