Monday, October 16, 2006

Thank You

"Thank You!"
At the end of tutoring A'Darius blew me over with this common phrase.
You have to understand, it is not common in a neighborhood where people expect everything for free.
The word is not used...especially from an 8 year old child.
We try to teach them. We go day to day teaching the children simple manners. "Say, thank-you, or you won't get this candy bar... Be sure to say please when asking for something."
Tonight I was teaching A'Darius some simple spelling words: Pet, Pick, Big, Touch, Nap. He received a high five every time he remember how to pronounce the word.
We also talked about the Easter Story. A'Darius and his friend, Muk, were intensely glued to the pictures and the Words of the Easter story. They thought Jesus had died and went to heaven. They didn't know He died and came back to life! They were amazed! They have begun to see why we call Him True Man and True God. They have begun to grasp why we get to live because He lives!
"Thank You" Lord Jesus.

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