Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Change...A scary word for many. For others, it is the only word that brings comfort. I am somewhere in between.
A book would never be finished if the page didn't get turned, a sentence never on and so forth. Change is necessary to move forward and change is going to happen even if you sit around and do nothing. I'd be an engineer (or still in college) if I didn't change my mind about which profession to pursue. I'd still be praying to God for a girlfriend if I didn't walk across the room and act like a fool in front of my wife. We all change; look in the mirror.
This day I thank God for change. The change from being single to being married. The change from being childless to having children. The change from being a lost and condemned person to being a child of God.
The Holy Bible says that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever...Wow, and I have this guy as my Savior who promised yesterday that He is with me always...who promised me today that I am forgiven...who says forever you are mine.
Thank God I've been changed and brought into the unchanging presence of Christ.

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Anonymous said...

Let's just clarify here that the "girlfriend" and "wife" in your story are one and the same person!!