Sunday, November 12, 2006

Go Kats!

45-42 Enough Said...well almost.
The Cats came out on top against the much despised Texas Longhorns. It was the 1st game of the Wildcats that I was able to watch in Ohio. We do not have cable and boy am I glad that ABC aired the game over here in Ohio State land.
I sounded like a little school girl every time the Cats scored and I covered my eyes every time Texas threatened. It was a good game and a good time. If you missed it...too bad. This was almost as good as a win against Nebraska.
The other amazing thing about the game was that I had the chance to see my cousin Richard Hageman escort coach Ron Prince off the field. Rich is a highway patrolman who must of had this assignment. I can't imagine how Rich felt when he had to make sure Ron Prince was protected by the stampeding crowd. Wow!

Blessings in Christ

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Anonymous said...

Amen to that game brother. I was screaming like a school girl myself.

Mac Daddy L.O.W.